4 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill This Winter

electric savings on winter

It is vital that you save electricity in the winter to not just reduce your electric bills, but also decrease your carbon footprint. Thankfully, there are many ways to conserve energy once the temperature dips, including the four recommendations below:

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Do not block the air vents

If drapes or furnishings are blocking the heating vents, you are making the furnace work harder than it ought to. A blocked vent increases air pressure in the ductwork, potentially creating leaks and cracks. Clearing the vents will ensure that all rooms in the house are receiving sufficient circulation and that the system is operating as designed. If a furniture piece is sitting over the vent, try to use a vent extender to direct air out inside the room.

Check your home’s insulation 

Sufficient insulation may be a cheap way to decrease your electric bill in the winter. Adding insulation in the attic is a good place to start because it will keep more heat in your living spaces. One other area in which heat frequently escapes is through the walls, particularly around electrical outlets and anywhere that utilities enter the house. Pay close attention to the plumbing, to protect pipes from possibly freezing and prevent heat from escaping.

Adjust the temperature of your water heater

The hot water heater may be wasting more energy than you know, particularly if it is an older model. Energy-efficient water heaters of today may quickly pay for themselves with the energy they’ll save. For the majority of folks, keeping the temperature set at 120℉ offers plenty of hot water. 

Only dry/wash full laundry loads 

One simple energy-saving tip includes always running full loads whenever you can. Running partial, small laundry loads takes up as much energy as operating a full load. You will wind up using more water and power with several loads. A better approach includes only running the machine when there’s a full load. You will run the dryer and washer much less and reduce your use of hot water. The savings add up quickly! Looking for appliance repair? Look no further than Jamerson Appliance Repair today at (910) 351-0293.

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