Advancements in Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Let us take a look into three household appliances that might have the biggest effect on the sustainability of energy within our businesses and homes over the following couple of years:

Magnetized Fridge

As a part of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy funding plan, General Electric and Oak Ridge National Lab teamed up on a magnetocaloric refrigeration development and research project. The aim includes building a home fridge that uses 25 percent less energy than the existing competitors. Rather than utilizing vapor compression, the team is going to use a technology referred to as the MCE (magnetocaloric effect). It is a process in which temperature gets controlled by changing magnetic fields. That approach will eliminate using refrigerants, which, as a result, decreases greenhouse gas emissions.


The most recent dishwashing technology arrives from Bosch, a German electronics and engineering company. The team devised a method of using a mineral referred to as zeolite to efficiently and quickly dry dishes, while only using 0.83 kilowatts of electricity! Right now, the cons may outweigh the pros, since the dishwasher isn’t available in the United States yet, and the present cost certainly is not affordable. But it’s clear that emerging technology is going to have an effect on the future energy efficiency of dishwashers.

Washers and Dryers

In terms of washers, Energy Star plan products involve multiple advanced technologies to slash both water and energy consumption by 1/3.

At present, a substantial number of U.S. dryer brands utilize electric resistance heaters. Such technology isn’t energy or cost efficient since it uses around 71 TWh a year.

The Oak Ridge National Lab and its partners are working on the development of a heat pump dryer. The new technology is going to involve a heat pump cycle which uses heat input to dry clothing. It’ll eliminate moisture disposal problems and use around 60 percent less energy.

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