low-flow showerheadUsually, step one in living a more sustainable life or restricting your use of water is to buy a low-flow showerhead. What’ll make a showerhead low-flow is the quantity of water it expels/ minute. Average shower heads release anywhere from three to eight gallons/ minute, while low-flow ones use as little as 1-1.2 gallons/minute.

All of us have seen the episode on the comedy show, “Seinfeld,” in which everyone inside Jerry’s building has flat hair due to the new low-flow shower heads not providing sufficient water pressure to wash their shampoo away. Most folks are under the impression that buying a shower head like that is going to have a negative impact on their water pressure. While that  might’ve been a fact back when that show aired in the 1990s, it is not the case anymore. Here is what you ought to know about water pressure and today’s low-flow showerheads.

Non-Aerating vs. Aerating

There are a couple of kinds of low-flow showerheads, both of which will make a point to make sure that consumers get to appreciate sufficient water pressure. They’re non-aerating and aerating. An aerating showerhead expels a mix of air and water, so the water flow remains constant. A non-aerating showerhead maintains its pressure with pulses. But, while the pressure remains constant with aerating showerheads, the water temperature may be affected, dropping the temp between 5°- 15°;therefore, it might not be the best option for those who enjoy a steamy, hot shower.

 Test It Before You Commit

The majority of showerheads have several settings, a few of which provide more pressure than other ones.  If you aren’t sure if the shower head you have is low-flow or not, hold a one-gallon bucket underneath the showerhead, turn the faucets to the setting you’d usually use, and watch how long it’ll take to fill the bucket up. If it takes less than 24 seconds, it isn’t low-flow. If you buy a new shower head that’s low-flow, yet it does not tend to have the pressure you want, odds are merely changing the setting to a stronger stream is going to be all it’ll take for an adequate flow.

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