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3 Top Washers of 2022

By Thomas Jamerson | Jan 17, 2022 |
inside of washing machine

Washers have gotten extremely fancy in the past couple of years, and shopping for the ideal match may be overwhelming. Read further for more information about the most recommended washing machines for 2022: If you need a professional that offers appliance repair services, schedule an appointment today with Jamerson Appliance Repair at 910-351-0290 UltraFresh Front…

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Tips for Saving Energy on Appliances

By webmaster | Dec 23, 2021 |
refrigerator latest trend

A substantial part of a homeowner’s costs come from energy costs. If you practice these tips for appliance energy conservation, it’s possible to save money month-to-month on your energy bill*. Also, the following tips will assist in reducing your environmental footprint. Energy Saving Tips for the Refrigerator Keeping a stocked freezer may help store cool…

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How to Save Money on your Electric Bill This Winter?

By Thomas Jamerson | Nov 13, 2021 |
pic of a light and dollars

If you’re on a tight budget, you might be wondering how you can save on your electric bill during the winter. Below are a few suggestions: If you are in need of appliance repair experts, call Jamerson Appliance Repair today at (910) 351-0293. Dim Your Lights We tend to spend more on lighting our homes…

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Reverse Osmosis System: What Does it Cost?

By Thomas Jamerson | Oct 15, 2021 |

The installation of a whole home RO (reverse osmosis) water filtration system usually costs about $1,500 or generally from $500 to $2,800. A point of use reverse osmosis system runs between $150 and $1,300. Typically, commercial grade systems go from $1,000 and $20,000 and up. Main factors in pricing include how many stages you require…

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4 Dryers to Keep an Eye On for 2022

By Thomas Jamerson | Sep 21, 2021 |
new dryers model

Clothes dryers are important, particularly when you do not have the ability to sun-dry your clothing, probably because of rain, or additional factors. This blog has the goal of showcasing the four top cloth dryers available for 2022; therefore, if you’re interested in buying one, you’ve come to the right place! Read further to see…

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Advancements in Energy Efficient Home Appliances

By Thomas Jamerson | Aug 13, 2021 |
energy efficient bulb

Let us take a look into three household appliances that might have the biggest effect on the sustainability of energy within our businesses and homes over the following couple of years: Magnetized Fridge As a part of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy funding plan, General Electric and Oak Ridge National Lab teamed…

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How to Improve the Energy Efficiency in your Home?

By Thomas Jamerson | Jul 16, 2021 |

Everyone enjoys saving money, but most folks still are happy to pay their utility bill every month and never question if it might be lower. Reducing your utility bill may be easily accomplished by improving your home’s energy efficiency. We have gathered 3 ways to improve the energy efficiency in your home to help lower…

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Setting Your Oven to The Exact Temp

By Thomas Jamerson | Jun 17, 2021 |
oven temperature setting

Home ovens these days have a thermostat inside them that checks the temperature and compares that to what you set as the temperature. If you wish to avail the trusted services of Jamerson Appliance Repair, contact us now at (910) 351-0293 Ever wonder why some ovens cook faster than others? The thermostat can be identical,…

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My Refrigerator Broke Down! How Do I Save My Food From Spoiling?

By Thomas Jamerson | May 18, 2021 |
refrigerator latest trend

As soon as your refrigerator stops cooling to about 37-degrees Fahrenheit, it is time to act to prevent any food from spoiling. Whenever you encountered trouble in your refrigerator in Southport, NC, immediately contact Jamerson Appliance Repair at (910) 351-0293. Here is how to quickly get through the disaster, until it’s possible to get the…

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3 Benefits of In-Home Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems

By Thomas Jamerson | Apr 19, 2021 |

Reverse osmosis water is a lot more than filtered water; it provides numerous benefits for you, as well as your home. Installing an RO (reverse osmosis) system means gaining an endless supply of better-tasting, safer water for your entire family, which makes a positive difference on the environment and a reduction in your spending. Discover…

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