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Why Should You Clean Your Dryer Vents?

By Thomas Jamerson | Oct 16, 2018 |

Here, we list some of the reasons to clean your dryer vents: Safety There are several reasons to clean the dryer vents with safety being the most critical. Dryer fires are the top cause of household fires and are increasing. The primary purpose of such fires is the build-up of lint inside the dryer vent…

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Benefits of Investing in Low-Flow Showerheads

By Thomas Jamerson | Sep 13, 2018 |

Usually, step one in living a more sustainable life or restricting your use of water is to buy a low-flow showerhead. What’ll make a showerhead low-flow is the quantity of water it expels/ minute. Average shower heads release anywhere from three to eight gallons/ minute, while low-flow ones use as little as 1-1.2 gallons/minute. All…

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Why Doesn’t My Dryer Heat Up?

By Thomas Jamerson | Aug 11, 2018 |

Have you ever wondered, “Why does my dryer not heat up?” If you have, read on.  There are several possible reasons a clothing dryer might not heat up; however; we will list the more typical reasons here: Thermal fuse blew out The thermal fuse of your dryer is made with safety in mind. It is…

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7 Reasons a Dryer Will Not Heat

By Thomas Jamerson | Jul 21, 2018 |

Below are the most common reasons the dryer is not correctly drying your clothes: Clogged Dryer Vent Clogged dryer vents are one of the top causes for a dyer not correctly heating. Lint buildup will obstruct the airflow, preventing the dryer from heating. The first step to take includes checking the dryer vent duct. Heating…

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Get Your Appliances Ready Before an Emergency

By Thomas Jamerson | Jun 15, 2018 |
dishwasher repair

The best method of protecting the washer and dryer is by putting them on a platform which may keep them above the majority of water damage. Most manufacturers sell platforms for their appliance brand which raises the equipment around 15” above the floor. The platform offers a storage drawer, as the height may protect the…

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Ways to Make your Kitchen Appliances Last Longer

By Thomas Jamerson | May 15, 2018 |
appliance repair service

Here, our appliance repair professionals provide tips for ensuring that your kitchen appliances meet or even exceed their expected life spans: Stove Keep the stove clean; however, don’t get water or cleaning fluid into switches and dials, which are connected with electrical components. Don’t use aluminum foil underneath the oven’s baking element or oven coil.…

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5 Signs of A Clogged Dishwasher

By Thomas Jamerson | Apr 8, 2018 |

There isn’t anything more irritating than an appliance which will not properly work when you need it to. If the dishwasher you have isn’t draining, it might be an instance of a clogged sewer line. A dishwasher is connected to the kitchen sink’s drain system and water supply line. If either of them gets clogged,…

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Benefits of Water Heater Repair

By Thomas Jamerson | Mar 9, 2018 |

You depend on your water heater for tasks like bathing, cleaning, and cooking; when the water heater is inconsistent or inefficient, it may cause difficulty accomplishing these activities and affect your day-to-day routine, as well as increase your month-to-month energy expenses. Here are 3 top benefits of water heater repair: Lower Water and Energy Bills…

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Water Heater Maintenance

By Thomas Jamerson | Feb 6, 2018 |

Your water heater: it’s amongst the most critical parts of your house. It’s the power behind clean dishes, fresh laundry, and hot showers; therefore, there’d be some major problems if the water heater ever were to break down. The lifespan of the average water heater is around 11 years, yet without the right maintenance, it…

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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Take Better Care of Your Home Appliances

By Thomas Jamerson | Jan 15, 2018 |
appliance repair

Below are some appliance maintenance tips which will assist you in taking better care of your appliances for 2018, therefore ensuring that they stay in great working order for a longer period to come: Keep appliances clean Amongst the typical traps we all fall into is to assume that your home appliances ought to work…

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