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When Is It Time to Call the Professionals for Appliance Repair?

By Thomas Jamerson | Feb 18, 2020 |

Appliances in need of repair is a normal occurrence that can happen to just about anyone. Therefore, what is it possible to do if you discover yourself in this type of situation? Most people would prefer contacting appliance repair experts to repair different issues and this involves even the most minor problems that may be…

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Best Clothes Dryers of 2020

By Thomas Jamerson | Jan 19, 2020 |

There is just something about the new year making you want to have a fresh start—and what better method of getting your house fresh than by buying a cutting-edge clothes dryer? Here is what we believe are the best dryers for 2020: Best Clothes Dryer When You Are on a Budget You might not be…

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Ways to Avoid Common Problems with Appliances

By Thomas Jamerson | Dec 15, 2019 |
dryer maintenance

Have your household appliances decided to take a vacation and stop working?  Below we cover four easy and quick methods of avoiding common issues with your machines: Remember to call the experts at 910-351-0293 for all your appliance repair needs. Check the cords The most typical cause of household appliance breakdown is worn wiring.  Professionals…

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4 Reasons Why Your Wine Cooler Isn’t Cooling

By Thomas Jamerson | Nov 19, 2019 |

Do you see that your wine is coming out of your wine cooler too hot for your taste? Is your wine cooler not cooling? There isn’t any issue with the power – your wine cooler is plugged in and its lights are on. So, what’s the problem? There may be a multitude of reasons that…

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What Uses the Most Electricity at Home

By Thomas Jamerson | Oct 26, 2019 |
home major appliances

Saving money is on the forefront of everyone’s mind.  Jamerson Appliance Repair wants you to know we are also all about helping you save money on your monthly bill. Today’s appliances are more efficient than even ones made 10 years ago.  Here are the most energy hungry appliances in a home. ENERGY All energy is…

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Tips on Saving Energy

By Thomas Jamerson | Aug 15, 2019 |
energy saving

Major appliances utilize around 13% of the electricity load within a house. However, discovering actionable and practical ways to decrease that pull will do a lot more than reduce your energy bills every month. Electricity is an important player in increasing environmental issues. It is possible to save money and do your part for our…

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How to Prevent Fires by Cleaning the Dryer Vent

By Thomas Jamerson | Jul 19, 2019 |
fire flame

As a homeowner we attempt to protect ourselves from all potential negative situations. We buy dogs, guns, and alarm systems to assist in protecting our family members. However, we forget about possible fire hazards. Remembering that we should change our smoke detectors batteries or inspecting our home’s wiring to ensure that it’s up to date…

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Pre-Wash Cycle: What Does it Do?

By Thomas Jamerson | Jun 11, 2019 |
washing machine adjustment

A pre-wash cycle is a brief wash cycle which fills the tub with water, agitates, then spins all of the water out. Are you still pondering, “How a pre-wash cycle works?” It is easy. A pre-wash loosens all debris and dirt and provides an initial wash to clothes that are heavily soiled. Once it’s finished,…

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Tax Benefits of Using Energy Efficient Appliances

By Thomas Jamerson | Mar 14, 2019 |
energy-efficient appliances

Major appliances utilize around 13% of the electricity load inside a house. Discovering actionable and practical methods of decreasing that pull does more than reduce your energy bills every month. Electricity is a major player in the increasing environmental problems. It’s possible to save cash and do your part for our environment by giving your…

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Kenmore Dryer Repair in Southport

By Thomas Jamerson | Feb 10, 2019 |
kenmore dryer

Are you having a problem with your Kenmore dryer not producing any heat and need Kenmore dryer repair in the Southport, NC area? Does your gas dryer spin, yet not heat your clothing? Does the electric dryer make a squealing, loud sound as the drum turns? Do you believe you might need dryer repair service…

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