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Have a Gas Stove that Needs Maintenance? Call in the Pros

By Thomas Jamerson | Jul 12, 2017 |
gas stove maintenance

If you use a gas stove to cook, chances are you have run into some problems at some point or another with it functioning properly. Here are a few common issues people with gas stoves encounter. We at Jamerson Appliance Repair do not want you to attempt fixing any of these issues on your own.…

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Protecting Your Outdoor Appliances

By Thomas Jamerson | Jun 12, 2017 |
energy-efficient refrigerator

Outdoor kitchens are great fun, and a quality one can last for many years. The right appliances will make all the difference, so learning how to protect them from the heat and cold is important. This blog will give you some ideas on how to have a great outdoor kitchen and still protect the appliances.…

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Do I Need to Repair my Garbage Disposal?

By Thomas Jamerson | May 18, 2017 |
garbage disposal

No appliance will last forever. When to replace most of them is fairly obvious, but the garbage disposal is one that you may not realize needs replacing unless it completely stops working. There are some signs you can look for to be sure it needs replacement. BEFORE CONTINUING A garbage disposal combines water and electricity…

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Where Should My Laundry Room Go?

By Thomas Jamerson | Apr 16, 2017 |

Building a home is stressful, and one of the most stressful elements of home building is deciding where the laundry room should best go. At one time, the laundry room was an afterthought and relegated to a corner or back in the basement. Today, this is not the case as laundry rooms make up a…

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Troubleshooting Three Common Dryer Repair Issues

By Thomas Jamerson | Apr 1, 2017 |

Your dryer definitely makes your life much easier. Not having to take your clothes down to the local Wash and Fold will save you both time and money. But, as the appliances you rely on begin to go haywire, you may discover yourself very inconvenienced. If you are able to catch those problems early on,…

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Remember The Fridge During Spring Cleaning

By Thomas Jamerson | Mar 31, 2017 |
clean refrigerator

Spring Cleaning time is here. This year in addition to the rest of the house, why not take the time to clean the refrigerator? This is not cleaning out as in getting rid of old food, but really taking the time to clean it from top to bottom. Here is what you need to do…

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Five Things Regarding Appliance Repair Every Homeowner Should Know

By Thomas Jamerson | Feb 1, 2017 |
appliance repair tools

Becoming a homeowner for the first time is a thrilling milestone in an individual’s life. Becoming your very own landlord, unfortunately, also can incur a fair amount of stress. This is a fact if you have a failed appliance. Appliance repair may be expensive, particularly if you don’t know the process. Doing some research before…

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