Five Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Maintaining a clean vent is essential for your dryer vent safety and your entire family. Dryer vent cleaning services are necessary regularly to keep your dryer running smoothly and prevent a potential fire hazard. A dryer vent cleaning company can provide a thorough inspection and cleaning of your dryer vents to ensure the safety of your home.…

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4 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill This Winter

It is vital that you save electricity in the winter to not just reduce your electric bills, but also decrease your carbon footprint. Thankfully, there are many ways to conserve energy once the temperature dips, including the four recommendations below: If you wish to avail the appliance repair services of Jamerson Appliance Repair, immediately contact…

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What Takes Up The Most Energy In Your Home


Saving money is on the forefront of everyone’s mind.  Jamerson Appliance Repair wants you to know we are also all about helping you save money on your monthly bill. Today’s appliances are more efficient than even ones made 10 years ago.  Here are the most energy hungry appliances in a home. ENERGY All energy is…

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What To Do When Your Dishwasher Breaks Down?

open dishwasher

The home dishwasher is one of those appliances people love out of the absolute convenience.  Fill it after family meals, turn it on and go to work or bed.  The next time you check, the dishes are clean and ready to put away.  It is only a matter of time before the cycle (pun intended)…

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When It’s Time For Your Oven Repair

If one of two things is continuing to happen each time you try to use the family oven: you are burning whatever it is you’re trying to cook, or you’re undercooking something.  Either way, it’s quite annoying trying to find out why your oven is not functioning correctly. Jamerson Appliance Repair has heard of this…

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