Clothes Dryer Taking Too Long to Dry? This Might Explain Why

unloading clothes from dryer

When a clothing dryer takes too long to dry, there might be other factors at play, which includes user habits. Here are four reasons why the dryer takes an eternity to dry and how a few easy fixes may resolve the problem.

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Clothes Dryer is Overloaded

Once the dryer is filled to the top it is considered overloaded. It will leave no room for a dryer’s hot air to correctly circulate and will limit tumbling. Once that happens you will see that the dryer takes 2 cycles to dry a big load.

As a general rule of thumb, only fill the dryer 2/3 full to permit for warm air to circulate. Refer to the care manual for specific load directions for your dryer’s model.

Lint Screen Needs to be Cleaned

With each drying cycle, our clothing sheds small fabric fiber pieces. A dryer’s hot air blows those fibers around and inside the lint screen. Once that screen gets full of lint it might prevent the correct circulation of warm air, which leads to lengthier drying times.

In order to maximize airflow, clean the lint screen after every drying cycle. Just pull the screen out, remove any lint using a paper towel or your hand then replace it.

Clogged Vents

A common cause of a dryer taking too long to dry is a build up of lint and debris inside exhaust vents. Also, clogged dryer vents may limit airflow inside the dryer, as well as lengthen drying times, not to mention causing dangerous fires. Those clogs may happen if a lint screen is not regularly cleaned or if you do not clean out the dryer vent pipes on an annual basis.

Malfunction of a Part

If the aforementioned interventions still leave you plagued with lengthy drying times, it is possible that a component in the dryer might’ve malfunctioned. In electric dryers a potential possibility involves a broken heating component. Also, gas valve solenoids inside gas-fueled dryers malfunction, and fail to open the valve, allowing gas to flow to a dryer’s burner.

In both of those cases, those components cannot be fixed and may better be replaced by a professional contractor.

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