Do I Need to Repair my Garbage Disposal?

Garbage Disposal Southport NCNo appliance will last forever. When to replace most of them is fairly obvious, but the garbage disposal is one that you may not realize needs replacing unless it completely stops working. There are some signs you can look for to be sure it needs replacement.


A garbage disposal combines water and electricity to function. These are two things that do not mix well, and a careless accident can be catastrophic. Do not try and fix a garbage disposal on your own. Trust the professionals at Jamerson Repair instead. Your local emergency room will thank you.

Now, here are the sure things to note that your disposal is on the outs.


Always run water with your garbage disposal (see note above as a refresher) for at least 30 seconds along with disposing of food that is disposable. You don’t want to overload the disposal.

Regular clogs could mean the motor is going out, or you need a larger unit. Either way, trust Jamerson Repair to help you get the situation straight.


You tried lemon juice ice cubes, vinegar, baking soda and the like, but you still have smells. It may be replacement time. Food can get stuck in the small lines and in areas that cannot be cleaned. Flushing the lines only masks the problem for a short time.

It is best to have your unit replaced as a repair will only be a temporary fix.


Tightening the unit can help, but I return you to the warning at the top of the blog. It can be fixed, sometimes. Go ahead and replace the whole unit.

Ultimately, the unit will need replacing anyway, it is only a question of time. Rather than wait until something serious happens, go ahead and call us at Jamerson Repair to come and replace your garbage disposal.

Again, because it cannot be stressed enough – Do not try to repair your garbage disposal. Electricity and water do not mix!

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