Dryer Fires

dryer fires

Jamerson Appliance Repair is going to drop a dirty word. A very, very dirty word. That word is – laundry.

Okay, it was a bad pun.

Most people who do laundry have a dryer. Dryers are responsible for ires, deaths, injuries and countless amounts in damage – annually. Most fires occur in the winter, and we are in the final stages of winter now.

Dryer fires are caused by lint and a failure to clean the dryer well. This is in addition to the lint trap. Lint slowly builds up a little at a time, but a little at a time can become serious over time. There is much more to preventing dryer fires besides the standard lint trap cleaning. Here is what is best:

• Install the dry right – Do not, like all things, try to do this yourself. A dryer has is often run on a different voltage and requires venting to the outside. A gas dryer has its own special requirements as well.

• Keep the area clean – Jamerson will certainly be sure your area is well cleared of any obstructions and debris. You will be responsible for keeping it that way.

• Use your clothes as a guide – Clothes that do not dry in a reasonable time is a huge clue. Call us soon to come out and check your dryer. A bit of prevention as you know.

• Stay up with regular maintenance – Jamerson will come to your home and break the dryer down to clean it. We can also check the dryer’s internal parts – belts, connections and the like – to be 100 percent certain your dryer is in top working condition.

As always, we want you to leave the work to us. Dryers in particular are something to be careful around because of the fact electrical ones run on 240 volts instead of the standard 120 volts. This extra voltage can be dangerous and potentially deadly. Gas dryers are not much different. Gas and a lit flame can be, well, you decide.

Don’t forget that Jamerson Appliance Repair is a full service repair team. We can work with any appliance in the home. Call us soon.

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