Have a Gas Stove that Needs Maintenance? Call in the Pros

Gas Stove Maintenance Southport NCIf you use a gas stove to cook, chances are you have run into some problems at some point or another with it functioning properly. Here are a few common issues people with gas stoves encounter.

We at Jamerson Appliance Repair do not want you to attempt fixing any of these issues on your own. Gas stove repairs require a professional who understands what they are doing. Failure to understand what you are doing can be very dangerous. Leave the repairs to us.

Burner will not light – This is a common problem, and chances are you have a clogged burner hole. If you have an electric igniter, you can check and listen for the distinctive click. If you hear no click, the switch may have malfunctioned. You should smell gas at that point. If not, then you do have an issue.

Oven burner will not light – This may be a pilot light issue. If not, check the power cable, thermal cutoff and thermostat if there is an electric lighter.

Pilot light is out – If the flame will not stay lit, it may need a flame adjustment.

Smell of gas – Gas is naturally odorless, so gas companies add the sulphur, rotten egg smell for safety. If you smell gas, turn off the gas supply to the stove and immediately call us. Do not wait with this problem.

Weak flame – Again, it could be a clogging issue. It may be a lack of air flow, so it may be the air shutter. It could be too little gas. It is time to call the professionals.

Noisy flame – Too much of air or gas will cause the flame to make noise. The air shutter will tell you for sure if there is too much air. This doesn’t work? Call us.

These are the basics that you may encounter when your gas stove is not functioning correctly. We must insist, again, that you do not attempt repairs on your gas stove without adequate training. Gas is under pressure and toying with it without proper training can be very dangerous. The old TV adage, “Don’t try this at home.” is equally important here with gas stoves. Call Jamerson Appliance Repair instead.

Contact Jamerson Appliance Repair if you need gas stove maintenance. Call (910) 351-0293 to schedule your gas stove repairs right away.

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  1. Margaux Ford on March 22, 2018 at 1:01 am

    Thanks for the tips on how unresponsive gas burners could mean clogged burner hole and needs repair. We’re having issues with gas stove yesterday because the burner will not light. We’ll probably call a reputable repair service to fix the problem. Thanks for the tips!

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