Look for the following 4 signs that it is time that you replace your washing machine and dryer and have them maintenanced before having to waste any of your money or time at the laundromat.

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Leaks are a red flag when it pertains to washers

Check the washing machine and area around it for puddles and leaks. Leaks are sometimes caused by a damaged hose or loose connection that often can be replaced or repaired. Other times, particularly with older units, leaks are an indication of worse things to come.

Excessive noise is an indication that it is time to replace your dryer or washer

Whether it is rattling, clanking, banging, or another unusual sound, when your washing machine or dryer is doing its best impression of a rocket ship that is about to launch, it is likely in immediate need of replacement or repair.

Clothes are not drying

Sometimes a dryer that is not drying clothes might simply be blocked up. Be certain all lint screens are cleared and the vent is not clogged (it is possible to find the vent outside of your house). You ought to have the ability to feel a strong airflow blowing through the vent when the dryer is running.

Be certain that there are not any kinks or bends in the air duct behind your dryer which might be keeping air from escaping. Lastly, if that does not solve the problem, try to disconnect the dryer and check for blockages that way. If the problem still isn’t fixed, the dryer might be done.

It’s too old

No matter how good your washing machine or dryer might be, all things will eventually come to an end. The normal lifespan of a washer is around 8 years, although they’ve been well-known to last longer. With that being said, if your washing machine and dryer have been around for almost 10 years, odds are you will be needing to replace them very soon.

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