possible fire hazards

As a homeowner we attempt to protect ourselves from all potential negative situations. We buy dogs, guns, and alarm systems to assist in protecting our family members. However, we forget about possible fire hazards.

Remembering that we should change our smoke detectors batteries or inspecting our home’s wiring to ensure that it’s up to date and safe, are as critical as security. The threat of a fire always lurks if you do not care for a frequently overlooked appliance… your dryer.

One of the top causes of house fires is a household dryer

Each year over 15,500 fires are caused by household dryers. According to the United States Fire Administration a failure to clean a dryer vent is the top cause of such fires. As a dryer vent becomes clogged it’ll cause a dryer to overheat and create a possible fire hazard. Jamerson Appliance Repair’s dryer vent cleaning services will assist in preventing fires.

How can you make certain that your dryer is properly functioning? Below we list some possible warning signs:

  • Your clothing suddenly does not completely dry during a regular cycle
  • An unusual smell (burning and/or musty) comes from the dryer
  • Your clothing is hotter than normal
  • The laundry room seems unusually warm
  • Unusual quantity of lint stays inside the dryer or on clothing
  • The lint trap is full of lint after one cycle
  • The exterior vent isn’t expelling air
  • The exterior vent has noticeable lint and debris accumulating around it (birds occasionally build nests in dryer vents).

What can you do all year long in order to prevent a dangerous and clogged dryer vent?

  • Clean the lint filter after every laundry load
  • Just run the dryer as someone is home
  • Visually clean and inspect the dryer vent on a regular basis. Routine maintenance is very important.

Aren’t certain where the dryer vent is or if it is in need of service? Do you want to get a professional to check it out? Enlist the assistance of the professionals at Jamerson Appliance Repair for dryer vent cleaning today at (910) 351-0293.

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