Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

cleaning dryer vent hose

If you have a home, you probably have a washer and dryer.  If you have a dryer, you know to clean the lint trap with each load you do.  Failing to do so can be a fire hazard.  Your dryer vent, on the other hand, has likely never been cleaned.  It is a good idea to have Jamerson Appliance Repair handle your dryer vent cleaning and do it on a regular basis.  Keep reading to see why.


Regular readers of our blog know there are some things they simply should not attempt.  This is one of them.  Unless you are sure about what you are doing, you can damage your vent system or dryer.  Both of which are not cheap to repair.  Call us, to begin with.  Save time and money in the process.


There is a serious fire risk associated with a dirty dryer vent.  Lint is very flammable.  There are estimates of 15,000 home fires annually because of a lint fire.  The trap you can handle on your own.  Let us handle the dryer vent with professional care like we recommend above.


Dryer vents, like most exhaust ports, can wear out a dryer if not cleaned every six months to a year.  As we all know a new dryer comes at a cost.  Regular dryer vent cleaning can help with the life span of your dryer. If you have never had a dryer vent cleaning done before call us today and book an appointment with our knowledgeable technicians.


Clogged dryers take more time to work, and that increased time translates into larger energy bills.  Humid air cannot escape from the vent.  This makes moisture.  Cleaning vents means the air can pass more quickly, reducing drying time and energy bills.  No matter if you have an older model dryer or the newest model on the market the dryer vent cleaning will help with the efficiency of your dryer.

Solid reasons why you should consider having your dryer vents cleaned.  Call Jamerson Appliance Repair when you are ready to get yours cleaned.

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