Is My Refrigerator Too Old To Hire You?

couple inspecting refrigerator

Have you ever considered hiring a professional to fix your refrigerator but were worried that it was too old? You’re not alone! Many people have the same concern about investing in an appliance repair service. While age does matter when selecting an appliance repair company, there are many other factors to consider before making your decision. Let’s consider what you should consider before hiring an appliance repair service.

1. Age of Appliance

The age of your refrigerator is certainly something to consider when selecting an appliance repair service. If your refrigerator is over 10 years old, it may be time for a replacement. Some newer models have energy-efficient features that save you money on utility bills over time and may be more reliable than older models. However, if your fridge isn’t ready for retirement yet, don’t worry! A reputable appliance repair service can still help you get back up and running quickly and efficiently.

2. Quality of Service

More important than the age of your appliance is the quality of the service you receive from the appliance repair company. Simply put, not all companies are created equal! When researching potential companies to hire, ensure they have a good reputation among their customers and read reviews if possible. You should also look into any guarantees they offer—the best companies will stand behind their work with warranties or even free repair estimates.

3. Cost of Repair

The cost is always a factor when deciding whether or not to hire an appliance repair service for your needs. This doesn’t necessarily mean going with the cheapest option available—it just means weighing all of your options before deciding who to hire based on quality and price! In addition, some companies may offer discounts or special deals for first-time customers or those willing to sign up for regular maintenance contracts.

4. Availability of Parts

Finally, you should consider the availability of parts when selecting an appliance repair company. Some companies may only be able to work on newer models or certain brands, so ensure they are equipped to handle your particular appliance before hiring them. Also, check with the company to see if they can order any specific parts needed for repairs—this can save time and money in the long run


No matter how old your refrigerator is, Jamerson Appliance Repair has solutions for all appliance repair needs! We provide top-notch customer service and guaranteed workmanship, and fast response times so that you can get back up and running quickly and without worry. Contact us today for more information about how we can help get your appliances back in working order!

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