correct water heater maintenanceYour home’s water heater is among the most critical parts of your house. It’s the power behind clean dishes, fresh laundry, and hot showers; therefore, there’d be some huge problems if it ever were to break down. The average lifespan of a water heater is around eleven years, yet without correct maintenance it may not run that long. Here is what it’s possible to do to keep your water heater running for at least eleven years:

Check the Water Heater’s Temperature

Pay careful attention to the water heater’s thermostat. Some manufacturers can set the temperature to 140℉ by default, which is warmer than the majority of households actually need. Higher temperatures may produce scalding, as well as corrosion in the pipes and accelerated mineral buildup. A suggested water heater maintenance setting is 120℉, which prevents damage to the tank and assists you in saving big on losses of demand and standby heat.

Regularly Drain the Tank

A couple of times every year, it’s a great idea to flush out around 1/4 of the tank in the water heater. It’s possible to easily do this by turning the cold water supply off, hooking a garden hose up to the drain valve then running water until it appears clear. Draining helps clear away sediment, as well as preserve the water heater’s heating efficiency.

Test Pressure Relief Valve

A good pressure relief valve ought to release a burst of warm water inside the drainpipe after you raise then lower the test lever. Regularly do this to check the pressure, as well as clear out debris. If the pressure relief valve isn’t letting out a huge burst every time, contact a professional to get a new one put in.

Water heaters are complicated contraptions which require routine maintenance and attention. If you come across an issue you cannot solve on your own, make certain that you contact a professional services company to care for it.

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