My Refrigerator Broke Down! How Do I Save My Food From Spoiling?

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As soon as your refrigerator stops cooling to about 37-degrees Fahrenheit, it is time to act to prevent any food from spoiling.

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Here is how to quickly get through the disaster, until it’s possible to get the old refrigerator repaired or replaced with a new one.

Create two piles

First off, you must determine which foods are a main priority to keep cold and which foods are safe to leave out on the countertop until you have a working refrigerator.

Foods which do not have to be kept cold involve:

• Hot sauce, mustard, and ketchup
• Honey
• Coffee
• Bread
• Most vegetables and fruit
• Potatoes
• Herbs
• Most cooking oils, (except nut oils)
• Peanut butter

Foods you should keep at 37-degrees Fahrenheit or lower to keep food from spoiling and the growth of bacteria involve:

• Meats and leftovers (uncooked or cooked)
• Eggs
• Dairy items (sour cream, whipped cream, milk, cheese)

Safely store food

Now that the food is separated into two piles, you can store the foods which need chilling.

Get an ice chest or food cooler and place a layer of frozen foods at the bottom. Next, place a layer of foods from your refrigerator on top of the layer. Then top it off with an additional layer of frozen food items. Frozen foods keep everything cool as you go to the supermarket to retrieve some ice and a refrigerator thermometer.

Take the ice out of the bag and set it around the foods in the cooler. Do not simply set the bag on top and call it a day! Distributing ice keeps all the food at a more consistent temperature.

In order to ensure that the food is not getting too warm, you can keep a refrigerator thermometer in the cooler.

Tip: If you do not own a food cooler, use the freezer, if possible. It is insulated and is going to keep the food cool as long as you keep the refrigerator door closed and keep an adequate amount of ice inside of it.

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