pre-wash cycle

A pre-wash cycle is a brief wash cycle which fills the tub with water, agitates, then spins all of the water out. Are you still pondering, “How a pre-wash cycle works?” It is easy.

A pre-wash loosens all debris and dirt and provides an initial wash to clothes that are heavily soiled. Once it’s finished, the tub fills with a new batch of water to continue the wash cycle you’ve selected and finish the chore of completely washing your clothing.

How Long Will the Pre-Wash Cycle Take?

The added feature cycles for less than 5 minutes. Does that seem worth it? Absolutely! This little investment of time into the wash cycle will do wonders for the sanitation and cleanliness of your linens, towels, and clothes.

The pre-wash for laundry is similar to an additional rinse as fabrics are highly soiled, yet with the extra benefit of detergent. It’ll clean off all of the heavy stuff in order for a more complete cleaning to take place.

Should you Use your Pre-Wash Cycle?

What does a pre-wash cycle do for clothing? It’ll get a jumpstart on loosening and eliminating debris, dirt, and soiled muck inside the fabrics in order for the main wash cycle to sanitize and clean the load with a new batch of fresh water.

How to Utilize the Pre-Wash Cycle

Refer to the owner’s manual for in-depth directions which pertain to your unique washer. With that said, the following steps are basic for the majority of machines.

  • Load washer with clothing.
  • Add detergent into the designated detergent and pre-wash compartments.
  • Choose the cycle intended (Tip: pre-wash setting isn’t available on delicates, speed wash, or additional fine-washable cycles.)
  • Press pre-wash button.
  • Close lid then press start.
  • Main cycle selected runs automatically after the end of the pre-wash cycle.

The following time you have a heavily soiled or extremely dirty laundry load, do not question “What do pre-wash cycles do?” Simply use your pre-wash cycle then check how fresh and clean everything is!

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  1. Bryson Owens on December 23, 2019 at 12:49 pm

    My washer was bought used so a few of the features are broken and we need to get them fixed. It has a pre-wash cycle that hasn’t been working so I was curious about what it was supposed to do. It’s great that you clearly explained that it’s to loosen up dirt and debris for a few minutes before the normal wash cycle.

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