spring cleaning southport ncSpring Cleaning time is here. This year in addition to the rest of the house, why not take the time to clean the refrigerator? This is not cleaning out as in getting rid of old food, but really taking the time to clean it from top to bottom. Here is what you need to do for a real deep clean of your refrigerator.

1. The outside – Start with the old standby of soapy water. Get the entire surface from the top down. Stainless steel units could use a bit of stainless steel spray, available at most DIY stores and mega department stores. Extra time on the handles is a good idea as well.

2. Door seals – One of the most forgotten parts of the refrigerator, clean this exactly like you did the outside. Dry them well. Check for bad seals, and if you have them, call Jamerson Repair to come replace them for you.

3. Break down the inside – Empty everything from the inside and put cold items in a cooler with ice. Take out any shelves and get the inside with a cloth. Two tablespoons of baking soda to a quart of water makes a great cleaning agent. Stains can come up with a baking soda paste. Let these sit while you finish the rest.

4. Shelves and bins – Wash in soapy water; let stains soak. Rinse and allow to air dry completely.

5. Refrigerator coils – These are on the back or the bottom. It is not recommended to clean either of these yourself as damage can ruin the unit. Call us to come and clean these for you. Schedule us the same day you plan on cleaning your refrigerator.

These are the basics, but the professionals at Jamerson Appliance Repair can help you with the bigger parts of cleaning your refrigerator. Moving your unit or trying to clean under it can be dangerous or costly. Leave the harder work for us. Call us today so we can help you.

Contact Jamerson Appliance Repair at (910) 351-0293 for professional appliances cleaning.

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