Setting Your Oven to The Exact Temp

oven temperature setting

Home ovens these days have a thermostat inside them that checks the temperature and compares that to what you set as the temperature.

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Ever wonder why some ovens cook faster than others? The thermostat can be identical, but the settings for the controls can be off. Inside the oven temps can vary, especially on ovens with a dial. Digital control ovens can also vary.

Set both ovens at 350 degrees and one might run an average temperature of 330 and another averages 370. People who regularly use their oven and pay attention to the cooking learn whether it runs hot or cool. They make adjustments to the settings.

There’s nothing wrong with the thermostat inside the oven. The issue is how the controls are configured. At the factory, the controls are installed and each oven generally does not go through a decent testing process. Close enough is the standard.

You don’t have to cook that way. Jamerson Appliance can set your oven’s controls to be as exact as possible. We can set the controls to hit the correct average temperature you want while cooking.

In electric stoves, that average is what you have to shoot for. The heating element in an electric stove will turn on and off as the thermostat registers the temperature. This means the inside will cool down, likely below the temps you want, before the element turns on. It will heat past the desired temp, especially around the element, before turning off.

In a gas oven, cooking temps can be more precise because the gas is constantly burning. The oven does not go through a heating and cooling cycle, as long as the door stays closed. In a gas oven, getting an exact temperature for cooking is easier than in an electric model.

Regardless of your oven type, Jamerson Appliance can make some adjustments to make the controls better match the temperature. Then, when you cook, you will get better results you will appreciate.

We can also make the same adjustments to the stove top, especially in electric models.

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