energy efficient appliancesMajor appliances utilize around 13% of the electricity load inside a house. Discovering actionable and practical methods of decreasing that pull does more than reduce your energy bills every month. Electricity is a major player in the increasing environmental problems. It’s possible to save cash and do your part for our environment by giving your house an energy assessment. Appliances are an excellent place to begin.

Main Energy Culprits in Any House

The one appliance which uses the most energy after heating and cooling equipment is your hot water heater, according to the United States DOE. That means the appliances which rely on warm water, like your dishwasher, are costing you even more. The best choice to make while upgrading the water heater includes switching to a tankless or energy efficient model. From that point, the next major appliance placing a dent in your electricity is your clothes dryer, followed up by your fridge.

Are There Any Laws That Govern Energy Usage?

The more electricity a house uses the more tax a homeowner pays every month. Regulations apply more to the manufacturers. There are set standards which compel them to make appliances which use less energy. Also, the law requires every product to have a label showing energy usage and ENERGY STAR rating. Checking this ENERGY STAR rating before you buy is one of the simplest energy tips.

Federal and state government  provide incentives to decrease energy usage—mainly in the form of tax credits. Tax regulations vary from one year to another; therefore, it’s vital to speak to a tax expert while browsing appliance energy tips. It’s possible to deduct at least a portion of the purchasing expense of an appliance that is energy efficient in conjunction with the charges for installation on your federal tax return with the use of IRS form 5695. Besides the federal tax benefits, a few local utility services provide rebates and discounts for changing to energy-friendly appliances. It’s worth a trip to the utility company site.

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  1. Tyler Johnson on June 10, 2019 at 11:09 am

    That’s interesting that appliances make up 13% of the electrical use in an average home. I would think that would be nice to reduce that with a power saving appliance. I’ll have to consider getting some of those if my current ones are ever beyond repair.

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