energy saving tips

Major appliances utilize around 13% of the electricity load within a house. However, discovering actionable and practical ways to decrease that pull will do a lot more than reduce your energy bills every month. Electricity is an important player in increasing environmental issues. It is possible to save money and do your part for our environment by giving your house an energy assessment. Home appliances are an excellent place to start.

Why Do New Appliances Matter?

The easy answer is improved technology yet keep it in prospective while considering home appliance energy tips. Replacing a 3-year old dishwasher will not have a big impact – though, placing a 12-year old fridge out to pasture will. Any major home appliance that’s more than 10 years old is ready for retirement. Simply switching these older models out for ENERGY STAR units has the possibility of cutting electricity usage by 50%.


Monitor Temperature Levels

Temperature is an important part of energy saving refrigerator tips. Find the different temperature controls for the primary compartments and look to ensure that each one is set at the correct level.

  • Freezer – 5℉
  • Fresh food – 37℉ – 40℉

Clothes Dryers

Empty out lent trays, clean exhaust vent out, do the laundry in full loads and make sure you avoid stuffing the dryer.

Washing Machine

Wash clothing in cold water, when appropriate. It’ll save the energy required to heat up the water. Only wash full loads. Washing machines use around the same quantity of energy for all load sizes; therefore, fill the load up in order to avoid the waste of energy.


Save Time – Instead of pre-rinsing, scrape any big pieces of leftover food off into the garbage can and place dirty dishes right into the dishwasher. This not just saves you time, yet saves the initial water utilized for rinsing.

Home appliance repair is a cost-effective, environmentally responsible alternative to replacing broken appliances. In hiring professionals like Jamerson Appliance Repair to repair an existing appliance, you’ll save money you may have spent on a new appliance. Additionally, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that your appliance is properly working.

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