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Let us look at our list of the top microwaves of 2020. In our review, we took into consideration price, design, features, size, and wattage.

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Toshiba EM925A5A: Best Small Microwave

At a price of about $80, this small Toshiba EM925A5A microwave oven is an excellent investment. Its 0.9 cubic feet footprint means that it may fit on virtually any countertop. 900 Watts of cooking power, although lower than others on the list, is enough for the majority of small families. It is available with six, convenient essential pre-set buttons, which means your perfectly cooked popcorn is simply one touch away.

One great feature of the microwave oven is that it’s possible to turn off the indicator sounds. This simplistic feature becomes useful if your children are sleeping, and you do not want the beeping noise to wake them. One other fantastic feature of the microwave is the Energy-saving Eco Mode, allowing users to dim the lights when not being used and save as much as 50 percent of power intake.

GE JVM3160RFSS: Best Over-the-Range Microwave

GE’s JVM3160RFSS sits comfortably at the top part of the list, and it’s an amazing over the range unit. It features a large 1.6 cubic feet capacity and 1,000 Watt cooking power, making it wonderful for a big family. Besides its regular grease filter, GE’s JVM3160RFSS is equipped with a charcoal filter, helping it to eliminate smells. That’s very useful when cooking food such as fish.

Viking VMOH330SS: Best Match-for-Pro Stove

A pro stove emits too much heat for standard over-the-range microwave ovens to handle. Viking’s VMOH330SS is among the few exceptions to that. Its heat-shield at the lower part of the microwave won’t melt so long as it’s installed at least 36” above the cooking surface.

The Viking VMOH330SS’s ventilation system has three power levels and offers 450 CFM circulation. That’s a huge step above the majority of over-the-range microwave ovens, which are equipped with just 300 CFM ventilation.

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