Common Problems with Appliances

Have your household appliances decided to take a vacation and stop working?  Below we cover four easy and quick methods of avoiding common issues with your machines:

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Check the cords

The most typical cause of household appliance breakdown is worn wiring.  Professionals recommend checking exposed electric cords at least one time per year for indications of wear and tear.  Old extension cords will not only cause the appliances to malfunction, they potentially can lead to serious accidents.  Be aware and replace and check them on a regular basis. 

Check the outlets

Now that you have new cords for all of your appliances, check to ensure that you have not overwhelmed your outlets with too many of them.  One household outlet isn’t made to support several different appliances all at the same time.  Professionals recommend limiting every outlet to a maximum of 3 machines at a given time in order to avoid overloading the home’s circuits or destroying the appliances’ motors.

Keep appliances clean

Like with everything else in a house, machines get exposed to dust.  The difference is that while it’s possible to see the dust on your coffee table, you cannot easily see the dirt accumulating behind your fridge, or inside the dryer vents.  Always keep these concealed parts of the appliances clean.  Check the fridge’s coils using a vacuum cleaner to remove all of the dust. The dryer vents also can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, and that applies to the lint screen and exhaust vent which pumps the warm air outside.

Replace your filters

Your refrigerator, heating and AC unit, dishwasher, and washing machine all contain filters.  Make sure you regularly replace and check them.  The filter is a critical element to the appliance because it traps debris and dust and keeps them from getting to the important parts of the appliance. Read the manuals for all your appliances to check on their suggested filter maintenance schedule, and do not hesitate to get in touch with a professional to help if the project is bigger than expected.

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