What Takes Up The Most Energy In Your Home

Saving money is on the forefront of everyone’s mind.  Jamerson Appliance Repair wants you to know we are also all about helping you save money on your monthly bill.

Today’s appliances are more efficient than even ones made 10 years ago.  Here are the most energy hungry appliances in a home.


All energy is measured in watts.  A lightbulb, for example, is measured in watts.  A 60-watt lightbulb will draw 60 watts when turned on.  A home’s energy bill is measured in Killowatts, 1,000 watts.  The number of Killowatts used in an hour, a kWh, is how the home’s energy bill is determined.  You can ask your home energy company how much a kWh is.  Most will be under $0.20/hour.


The HVAC system is the home’s largest user of energy.  It is the summer, and most HVAC systems are running all the time.  Cooling of course is the first purpose for the HVAC, but it also keeps the home humidity at a minimum.  Here is how you can keep the HVAC system running as efficiently as possible:

  • Annual maintenance;
  • Programmable thermostat;
  • Upgrade your HVAC;
  • Keep filters changed.


It is not fun to bathe without hot water.  The hot water heater is number two on energy consumption.  Here is what you can do when it comes to keeping your hot water at maximum efficiency:

  • Do not drain the heater during bathing;
  • Turn the temperature to 120 degrees;
  • Insulate the tank;
  • Wash in cold water as much as possible.


Speaking of washing clothes, here is what you can do for the washer/dryer:

  • Cold water is better;
  • Have a clothesline put up;
  • Wash only a full load at a time;
  • Clean the lint trap.

These are the three biggest culprits in a home when it comes to energy usage.  Regular maintenance will help maintain them in peak working condition.  Contact us when you need some maintenance done.

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