When It’s Time For Your Oven Repair

If one of two things is continuing to happen each time you try to use the family oven: you are burning whatever it is you’re trying to cook, or you’re undercooking something.  Either way, it’s quite annoying trying to find out why your oven is not functioning correctly.

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Jamerson Appliance Repair has heard of this many times over, and we have repaired plenty of ovens.  Here are some common issues you may find when having difficulties with your oven not cooking properly.  As always, do not attempt these repairs on your own.  It is best to have a professional review what to do as this will prevent any serious issues from happening.

Here are a few of the most common:

  • Oven is not level – If the oven is not level, easy to determine with a carpenter’s level, is needs to be checked and leveled.
  • Opening the door – Keep the door closed unless necessary.  It is common to rotate some foods.
  • Preheat – Always preheat your oven before adding food to cook.

The last two are ones that you can do for yourself without needing any repairs.  However, there are some things that may need some professional assistance.

Element dead – the elements, if your oven is electric, are the two twisted rods on the top and bottom of your oven.  These can stop working for a variety of reasons.  Jamerson can check the elements and often have replacements on hand in the service trucks.  Signs of a dead element may include:

  • Dark spots
  • Blistering on the element
  • Breaking
  • A few other issues that Jamerson will review

Running the self-cleaning feature of the oven is another cause of a burnt out element.  It is always better to clean the oven by hand and not with the self-cleaning feature.

Sensor failure – The oven sensor sends a message to the control board to regulate the heat in the oven.  A worn out sensor will lead to under or overdone foods.

The sensor can be in a variety of places within the oven.  We know the most common locations.

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