clothes dryer repairHave you ever wondered, “Why does my dryer not heat up?” If you have, read on.  There are several possible reasons a clothing dryer might not heat up; however; we will list the more typical reasons here:

Thermal fuse blew out

The thermal fuse of your dryer is made with safety in mind. It is considered a safety device on a clothes dryer. The purpose of a dryer includes monitoring a dryer’s internal temperature environment and shutting itself off if the operating thermostat fails and the dryer’s heat exceeds a predetermined temperature, maybe 315℉. Thereby, merely replacing the thermal fuse of a dryer that has blown out might not solve the issue as there probably is a core cause for the excessive heat the thermal fuse detected and shut off power to the extreme heat as a safety precaution.


The heating element of the dryer is out.

Only on electric dryers, the heat is generated by giving off 240 volts to the wire’s coils which comprise the heating element of an electric dryer. It is a common failure problem and may be replaced fairly inexpensively. Contact one of our dryer repair technicians for a quote if you think your dryer’s heating element failed and needed to be replaced.

 The dryer’s gas will not ignite.

On a gas dryer, one common failure factor is the dryer’s igniter, a solid-state equivalent of a pilot light. The purpose of the igniter is to glow white hot, so the gas is immediately ignited as the gas valves open, and it sprays gas adjacent to the radiant surface.

Problem with incoming power

A failure of incoming power to a dryer’s terminal block also is a typical reason that dryers will not heat up.  For an electric dryer, 240 volts is necessary to make a heating element coil glow, and one common failure is that 1 of the two lines that contain 120 volts is out, whether it’s line 1 (L1) or line 2 (L2).

Therefore, if you are searching for an appliance repair company that repairs dryers, explore no further.  Contact the appliance repair technicians at immediately at 910-351-0293.


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